Job Postings - Facilities Department

  • Following the successful completion of a broad and intensive community engagement  process to develop a ten year Facilities Master Plan (FMP), Saint Paul Public Schools' (SPPS) Facilities Department is bolstering our team to meet the demands of fulfilling the promise of the FMP.  With 72 buildings, and two more buildings on the drawing board, SPPS is expected to complete approximately $500 million worth of design and construction over the next five years alone. The size, complexity and impact of this work is driving the need to bring in new team members to the Facilities Department. The department is committed to finding the right people for these positions and providing a fun, challenging and fulfilling place to work and develop professionally.

    A range of positions from managers, coordinators and assistants will continue to be posted on this site. Sign up to receive EMAIL ALERTS when these jobs are posted online; see right-hand sidebar.

    HOW TO APPLY: To review the official postings and apply for the job, follow these steps:

    1. Visit the SPPS Careers page.
    2. Click on either "Prospective Employees" or "Current Employees."
    3. In the search box, enter "Facilities" to find the job postings listed below.

      NOTE: The words "Test Announcement" may appear in certain job titles due to human resources civil service requirements, but this has no reflection on the position itself.




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