Theresa Neal, Principal

740 Rose Ave. W, Saint Paul, MN 55117

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360 Colborne Street, Saint Paul, MN, 55102

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    Courses Offered (depending on student interest at registration):

    Technology Literacy
    Prerequisite: None
    Course number: T400011
    Course Length: Semester
    Course Description:
    Technology Literacy is an introductory course into the world of Information Technology.  Students will be studying the history of the personal computer, basic infrastructure, applications, and the future of personal computers. 

    This course consists of hands on interactive courseware with on-line learning and teacher mentoring to help develop student's computer knowledge and computer literacy consisting of two parts. Part I contains an introduction to computers, a history of computers, safety information, as well as power supply, system unit, and basic input and output device information.


    Visual Basic 1
    Prerequisite: Technology Literacy and/or Computer Literacy
    Course number: T405411
    Course Length: Semester
    Course Description:
    Visual Basic is an object-based/event driven general purpose language that affords a simplified approach to programming. The emphasis of Visual Basic is on the objects included in the user interface and the events that occur when those objects are used. This course examines the object- based, event-driven programming approach including language constructs, looping structures, file management, error trappings and database access.

    Digital Imaging
    Prerequisite: None
    Course Number: T407601
    Course Length: 1 Semester
    Course Description:
    Students enrolled in Digital Imaging will use computers and software to analyze and create images for use in publications, web sites, multi-media presentations, and video.


    Web Graphics and Animation: Game IT
    Prerequisite: None
    Course Number: T408221
    Course Length: Semester
    Course Description:
    This is an introductory game design course intended to develop technical skills like programming, graphic design and audio editing that are critical to developing a game.
    Web Page Design, Introduction
    Prerequisite: None
    Course Number: T407211
    Course Length:1 Semester
    Course Description:
    This course is an introduction to web page design and Hyper Text Markup Language. Students will focus on the basic design elements of text, color, images or graphics, and links for creating a web page. Students will work together in class on the basics of web page design and complete a personal web site.