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Special Education

DCD Course Expectations and Syllabus- 2009-2010

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A 400051-A400081 Language Arts-Reading Standards 4

Course Descriptions: Active IEP

The focus of this course is to integrate all aspects of the standards, based on individual student’s IEP. To allow performance level grouping and cross categorical teaching, Students will be introduced to a wide range of reading and vocabulary and phonics decoding and written language, following comprehension and literature strands along with authored written materials/texts to fulfill the MCA 11 goals.

Goals and Objectives and Performance Skills

To complete an IRI for every student and to assess comprehension and decoding skill (8)

To improve reading skills from a bridging level to a fluent level sources ranging from News papers, novels and other literature in English

To increase reading skills, from developing to literal comprehension of reading passages (2)

To increase comprehension and writing skills and strategies adopted from authored reading books-ex Mark Twain. Improve silent reading fluency skills from awareness to a level of application

To help students improve listening, and retention skills.

To help students incorporate vocabulary into daily language skills.



Z401031-20 Advisory:

Grade 10: Synthesize information from multiple sources:

Collectively AHS advisory team will organize and set up essential social skills and academic training and study skills activities to motivate students each week. To examine major turning points in student lives in relations to personality, self esteem social wellbeing and overall critical thinking and thus academic strengths. Review test taking strategies/skills for MCA reading.

Grade 9: Awareness as the day begins; the program will be crafted to fall in line with expectations of DCD students.  General plan will include Success Highways designed to tune up incoming students as they get into the mainstream of academic rigor. MCA test prep in writing will also be part of the overall strategies in implementing a successful on going advisory.


A404201 Language Arts A4: Human Body

Course Descriptions: Active IEP

This course will offer an opportunity for DCD students to explore human growth and development to make informed decisions for the future life choices. The course will provide students with the basic knowledge, attitudes and skills to make health promoting decisions in response to the National health education standards and the Minnesota graduation requirements.



 Goals and Objectives and Performance Skills

To improve communication skills about the human body from a level discomfort to that of moderate acceptance of body systems.

To improve community based language skills, inferential skills and conversational skills (2)

Students will be able to understand the human body systems and the relationship to their growth and development.

Students will identify and explain the impact of personal health-enhancing behaviors on the functioning of the body systems.

To reinforce understanding of body systems through sentence sense meaning of self, cultural influence and factors of health on others.

Vocabularies: body image, self image, sexuality, media influence, games and peers and self acceptance.


A4000231 Essential Math 4

Course Descriptions: Active IEP

This course will utilize existing IEP goals and objectives specific to the grade levels implied to meet functional and performance levels of essential and survival math skills addition, subtraction, multiplication and division leveled against money skill, mathematical reasoning, number sense and functional analysis, including computational operations for some students in Saxon7/6

Goals and Objectives and Performance Skills

To improve math skills from number sense to mathematical reasoning at grade level aligned to Saxon 5/4 and 6/5 and 7/6.

To improve functional math skills, addition, subtraction, division and multiplication through targeted worksheet practices.

Introduction of money skills and measurements, single digit, two digits and Multiple digit (3)

To improve math skills from a level of awareness, to a level of application and computational operations using calculators skills.

To improve math skills from emerging skills level to operation skills and solving basic facts, and regrouping patterns abd functional skills analysis. (2)


A412551-3 Life Application-US Citizenship

Course Descriptions: Active IEP

Working in concert with our mission the major purpose of this course is to increase student’s functional skills and knowledge about their environment country and their community expectations and responsibilities.  That is to function with skills and performances that will allow them to survive independently after specific types of learning experiences.

Goals and Objectives and Performance Skills

Students will understand their geographic locations through “Choose a place to live: program

To improve knowledge, and skills about their city, town and the state in which they live through series of activities, such as maps, pictures, visual aides, and DVD/Videos discussions, and to exploring US government, ethnic groups and migration. Who is a US citizens, rights and responsibilities.

Help students understand job clusters. Identify various jobs within a cluster. To understand attendance behavior at a job how it relates to school attendance. Money skills, being paid to work in a job- Working on Job attitude

Reinforcing practical skills through hands on and community based activities-grocery shopping, budgeting, adding counting and saving money

Writing and sequencing menu for various meals

Incidental activities with ties to social studies, sciences and health, other explorations and reviews

Field trips included under life applications.




A410421-3 Self Directed Skills:

Course Descriptions: Active IEP

This course will generate relevant adopted skills from life application into practice where students will be given opportunities to demonstrate, learn and reinforce skills they need to know for their independent life skills.

Goals and Objectives and Performance Skills

Students will become familiar with personal care in and out of school and at home.

To help students integrate personal care skills into a life style.

Reinforce grooming skills, through “Looking Your Best” group activities package. Understanding grooming language and vocabularies, from make up to body odor.

To help students integrate language skills into self help routine skills to buying/shopping for grooming products.

Field trip included under self directed skills












Grades: Grades are a combination of daily assignments, quizzes/tests and participation.

Grading Scale: The following grading scale will be utilized to determine grades fo r assignments, tests/quizzes and final course grade.

90% and above= A

80% to 89%= B

70% to 79%= C

60% to 69%= D

59% and below = N

Student Responsibilities:

1.          Students will attend class every day.

2.          Students will be on time.

3.          Students will be prepared (notebook and pen/pencil)

4.          Students will do assigned work

5.          Students will participate in classroom activities and discussions.

6.          Students will be good listeners.

7.          Students will be respectful to peers and staff.

Notice to Parents

Please feel free to contact me during the school year if you have any questions or concerns about your child or his/her homework. I can be reached at (651)293-8800 between the hours of 7:15 AM and 3:00 PM. Please take a few moments to discuss the course syllabus and expectation sheet to your child. Please sign and have your child return the lower portion of this form to school

I have read and understand the course syllabus and classroom rules.

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