Language Arts Syllabus


                                         2009/2010 School Year

                               Language Arts Outline & Syllabus




Susan Skalman

E/BD SPED Teacher

Como Sr. High

651.293.8800 Ext. 1222



Curriculum Areas of Focus:


Reading & Literature

Speaking, Listening & Viewing



Classroom Expectations:


Be On Time

Be Prepared

Be Ready to Learn

Be Ready to Be Challenged

Be Quiet During Independent Learning Time

Be Respectful to Yourself & Others


Grading Scale:


97-100%: A+                  87-89%: B+

93-96%: A                      83-86%: B

90-92: A-                        80-82: B-


77-79%: C+                    67-69%: D+

73-76%: C                      63-66%: D

70-72: C-                        60-62: D-




Reading & Literature, Speaking, Listening & Viewing:


Effectively prepare students for GRAD Reading Comprehension exam, as well as higher learning by increasing student’s reading comprehension skills by at least one grade level through participation in the oral reading of one teacher assigned multi cultural novel per month, to be read together as a class. In addition, students will complete a minimum of twenty minutes of independent reading per day; additional reading is encouraged through participation in the Reading is Fundamental (RIF) Program.


Evaluation of said goals to include vocabulary exercises, comprehension questions, quizzes and final exams for each novel read as a class, as well as participation in GRAD Standards Reading Comprehension exam as mandated by St. Paul Public Schools & MN State Dept. of Education.




Effectively prepare students for GRAD Writing exam and higher learning, by exposing students to a wide variety of writing exercises in order to increase students’ skills by at least one grade level. Teacher designed weekly lessons focused on spelling, vocabulary, grammar and composition will be used. In addition, cross curricular writing assignments will provide further opportunities of growth.


Evaluation of said goals to include pre & post tests, weekly spelling & vocabulary test and Writing competency exams as mandated by St. Paul Schools & MN State Dept. of Education.




Strand I: Reading & Literature

Substrand A: Word Recognition, Analysis & Fluency

                 B: Vocabulary Expansion

                 C: Comprehension

                 D: Literature


Objective: Students will apply a variety of strategies to expand vocabulary, word recognition, analysis & fluency skills. Students will also demonstrate literal, interpretive, inferential & evaluative comprehension. Finally, students will read, understand, respond to, analyze, interpret, evaluate & appreciate a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction texts.


Strand III: Speaking, Listening & Viewing

Substrand A: Speaking & Listening


Objective: Students will demonstrate understanding of novel read and communicate effectively through listening and speaking.


Strand II: Writing

Substrand A: Types of Writing

                 B:  Elements of Composition

                 C:  Spelling, Grammar & Usage


Objective: Students will engage in a wide variety of writing exercises and assignments with attention to audience, organization, focus, quality of ideas, and a purpose.  Students will also apply standard English conventions while writing.


Novels to be Read:

September:  Holes

October: The Crucible

November:  My Brother Sam is Dead

December: A Christmas Story

January: House of Dies Drear

February: Watson’s Go to Birmingham               

March: Anne of Green Gables

April: Fallen Angels or Under the Blood Red Sun

May: The Outsiders

June: Hatchet













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