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Gail Grogan

Email: gail.grogan@spps.org

Phone: 651 744 5362

Qualifications: Augsburg College: MSW LICSW

Gail Grogan Pedersen

Hi, my name is Gail and I am one of the social workers here at Como Senior.  This is my 27rth year as a social worker with Saint Paul Public Schools and I am very excited to be at Como Senior. One of my roles here at Como is to work with students who are struggling to make it to school each day.  Please stop by and see me if you need help strengthening your school attendance.  

I am also here to support students and families needing to connect with mental health resources and practical resources. I have included below some links for resources available here in Ramsey County.

I also facilitate young women's and young men's empowerment groups and I'd love to have you stop by and learn more about these groups if you are interested in joining.  

The social work team will come into your social studies classroom monthly throughout the school year to present information related to mental health and healthy relationships.  We are available to meet with you 1:1 or in small groups, as well as support you if you are experiencing a conflict or need to complete a form 415/bullying and harassment form.

My direct phone line number is 651 744 6740.  My email address is Gail.Grogan@spps.org, or just stop by my office which is room 1206.

If your student is absent please call 651 293 8800 and leave a message on the attendance line.  You can also leave a message on my direct line at 651 744 6740

Here are some links to helpful resources:

For information on school attendance requirements in Ramsey County:


For resources for families experiencing homelessness:


A variety of services for youth who are unhoused or at risk of becoming unhoused.


Daily updates of youth shelter bed availability.


Here is a list of food shelves in Ramsey County


Call this number if you are experiencing a mental health crisis, or if someone in your home is experiencing a mental health crisis. There is a number for people under the age of 18 and a number for people who are over the age of 18.


This is a resource for people who have experienced sexual violence/abuse/coercion.


if you or someone in your life is feeling suicidal.

https://988lifeline.org/  Call 988

This is a resource for people who are experiencing domestic violence/abuse.


This is a national resource for people who are experiencing domestic violence. https://www.ramseycounty.us/residents/assistance-support/assistance/financialassistance/emergency-assistance This is a resource to help your family with a financial emergency.