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740 Rose Avenue West
St. Paul


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Ms. Romero

Email: kathy.romero@spps.org

Phone: School Office (651) 293-8800 / Direct (651) 293-6361

Qualifications: BA English BS Urban Education

Ms. Romero

My name is Kathy Romero and I teach 9th grade English and 10th grade Accelerated English. Welcome to my teacher's space! 

This is my 11th year at St. Paul Public Schools, and my 6th year at Como Park Senior High School. I previously taught 8th grade English and Creative Writing at Murray Middle School. I graduated in 2007 from Metropolitan State University Urban Teacher Program and began my teaching career in the East Metro Integration District/Crosswinds Arts & Science School as a 9th & 10th grade English teacher. A fun fact is I was 53 years old when I graduated from college! So, I truly believe it is never too late to learn and make change. I spent 25+ years in the financial industry corporate world as a banker, stock broker, manager, and financial products marketing executive. My daughters, Katrina and Alexandra, are grown and on their own, but not gone! They are my best friends. My other best friend is Peaches, my pitbull mix companion. I truly believe that interacting with young people keeps me active, engaged, and grounded. No surprise, one of my main hobbies is reading. This has been a great summer for that! I also love to walk with Peaches, cook (eat!), and garden. 

I believe "Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire."  William Butler Yeats

My philosophy for teaching is centered on this quote. In our classroom, we foster respectful relationships centered on student success in all areas of life--academic, social, and individual. Curriculum is approached through the "lighting of a fire", encouraging questioning, discussion, and making connections to self.

Lessons, assignments, documents and tutorials are provided through links in Schoology. To learn more about Schoology and how to access go to: Schoology for Parents & Guardians. I also encourage you to access the additional tools noted on this website--Top Teen Reads, Vocabulary Flashcards, Lexiles, and MLA formatting resource.

Of course, contact me with any question or issue relevant to English class or student needs. The best way to reach me is by email: kathy.romero@spps.org. I return emails within 24 hours of receipt. On the course syllabus, attached to each class on the menu on my website, there is a request for you to return that let's me know the best way to reach you.

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Purdue University maintains this website as a writing resource for all students. Specifically, we use this website in class as a MLA formatting resource.