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Grading Policy

CPSHS Grading Policy
Grades are posted in Schoology, and will be updated at least weekly (by Tuesday).
Grading Scale (%)
All classes will adhere to this common grading scale to provide consistency across all departments and all courses.
A = 93.0 – 100.0 
A- = 90.0 – 92.99
B+ = 87.0 – 89.99
B = 83.0 – 86.99
B- = 80.0 – 82.99
C+ = 77.0 – 79.99
C = 73.0 – 76.99
C- = 70.0 – 72.99
D+ = 67.0 – 69.99
D = 63.0 – 66.99
D- = 60.0 – 62.99
N = 00.0 – 59.99

Formative Assessments (20% of overall grade)
Formative assessments take place frequently and help inform teacher instruction and prepare for summative assessments. There are many types of formative assessments include, but are not limited to: quick writes, daily homework, class work, quizzes, class discussions, and group work assignments.

Summative Assessments (80% of overall grade)
Summative assessments demonstrate mastery of learning.  Examples of summative assessments include, but are not limited to: tests, projects, class discussions, presentations, essays, papers, common assessments, and portfolios. Summative assessments may be scored using rubrics.

Extra Credit
Extra credit will be determined by the instructors of the same classes. All extra credit needs to be academically based.  Extra Credit should be given for work over and above what has been assigned in the course.  Extra credit can be worth up to 5% of student’s overall grade.

Late Work
All work should be turned in by the due date.  Students may submit late work within two weeks of the due date, as long as it is turned in one week before the end of the quarter. 

Students can retake summative assessments if they make a plan with their teacher within a week of the grade being posted in Schoology. Teachers may require additional coursework (e.g. completing a missing assignment or redoing a formative assessment) before the summative retake. Teachers may provide in class opportunities for retakes.

Advanced Placement (AP) and College in the Schools (CIS) Level Classes (Grades 11 & 12)
All AP and CIS level coursework must adhere to subject-specific College Board and University of Minnesota assessment policies.