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Distance Learning Days

SPPS will hold E-Learning Days on Wednesday 2/22/2023 and Thursday 2/23/2023.  Students should NOT report to school.

Como Park Senior High will follow this schedule on Wednesday 2/22/2023 and Thursday 2/23/2023:

Time Expectation
8:30-8:55 Seminar Synchronous Learning
9:00-9:20 Period 1 Synchronous Learning
9:25-9:45 Period 2 Synchronous Learning
9:50-10:10 Period 3 Synchronous Learning
10:15-10:35 Period 4 Synchronous Learning
10:40-11:45 Office Hours
11:45-12:15 Lunch
12:15-3:00 Asynchronous Learning

During synchronous learning/office hours, find the Meet nickname of your teacher/staff member below and enter it in the Meet app on your iPad.  

You must attend the Meet in order to be marked present.
Students will be able to access work in Schoology during asynchronous learning time. 

Staff Name Position

Meet link/nickname

Abuqalbeen, Farah Counselor


Adair, Dylan Science teacher CPHSAdair
Ahlm, Daniel Science teacher CPHSAhlm
Bachmann, Jill SPED teacher


Beck, Erik Science teacher CPHSBeck
Bishop, Liz EL teacher CPHSBishop
Blair, Andrew EL teacher CPHSBlair
Boyer, Elizabeth English teacher CPHSBoyer
Brunner, Julia Science teacher CPHSBrunner
Buckle, Traci EL teacher CPHSBuckle
Budd, Kelsey A PE teacher CPHSBudd
Butler, Angela Spanish teacher CPHSButler
Carroll, Theodore Spanish teacher CPHSCarroll
Cash, Katrina SPED teacher CPHSCash
Caulum, Jeffrey EL teacher CPHSCaulum
Chaffee-Johnson, Sheri Librarian CPHSCJ
Dicker, Andrew Social Studies teacher CPHSDicker
DiVita, Sam EL teacher CPHSDiVita
Ducatman, Samuel Science teacher CPHSDucatman
Eckhouse, Rachel Science teacher CPHSEckhouse
Erickson, Eric Social Studies teacher CPHSErickson
Ewing, Katie Speech Pathologist CPHSEwing
Feest, Amelia Math teacher CPHSFeest
Fields, Jonah SPED teacher CPHSFields
Fischbach, John SPED teacher CPHSFischbach
Fischer, Michael SPED teacher CPHSFischer
Gbolo, Courtney FACS teacher CPHSGbolo
Grogan, Gail Social Worker CPHSGail
Hanson, Jacob Science teacher CPHSHanson
Hartzell, Allison English teacher CPHSHartzell
Hernandez, Angie Braided Journey


Hiers, Cason Business teacher CPHSHiers
Johnson, Randall SPED teacher CPHSJohnson
Keenan, Katherine EL teacher CPHSKeenan
Keller, Siri Choir teacher CPHSKeller
Kenutis, Matthew Business teacher CPHSKenutis
Kiger, Scott MCJROTC CPHSKiger
Kirkland, James MCJROTC CPHSKirkland
Kozak, Deborah English teacher CPHSKozak
Kurmis, Emily Counselor CPHSKurmis
Lincoln, Joshua Social Studies teacher CPHSLincoln
Ly, Maydeu Math teacher CPHSLy
Mann, Justin Social Studies teacher CPHSMann
Marsh, Colin Math teacher CPHSMarsh
Mathieu, Kristin English teacher CPHSMathieu
McCoy, Christy Social Worker CPHSMcCoy
McIntyre, Jason Art teacher CPHSMcIntyre
Miller, Katie Band teacher


Miller, Meghann Art teacher CPHSMiller
Mohamed, Sumaya Business teacher CPHSMohamed
Moser, Holly Counselor CPHSMoser
Munoz, Joshua Agriculture teacher CPHSMunoz
Myhre, Suzanne English teacher CPHSMyhre
O'Leary, Heather SPED teacher CPHSOLeary
Olson, Steven Math teacher CPHSOlson
Overson, Sandra Math teacher CPHSOverson
Paone, Elizabeth Social Studies teacher CPHSPaone
Peterson, LynnMarie Health teacher CPHSPeterson
Pin, Beau Social Studies teacher CPHSPin
Romero, Kathy English teacher CPHSRomero
Scull, Kirby Math teacher CPHSScull
Smith, Sarah Social Studies teacher CPHSSmith
Strupeck, Rebecca EL teacher CPHSStrupeck
Sweeney, Alanna EL teacher CPHSSweeney
Taylor, Lynda Social Worker CPHSTaylor
Thao, Kia Counselor (AOF) CPHSThao
Turner, Brad Social Worker CPHSTurner
Vang, Choua Counselor


Vang, Kou PE teacher CPHSKouVang
Vruno, Nicholas Work Coordinator CPHSVruno
Wielgos, Jillian EL teacher CPHSWielgos
Willcox, Sydney Art teacher CPHSSydney
Yang, Kia Math teacher CPHSKia
Youle, Mike English teacher CPHSYoule
Zamacona, Mike Work Coordinator


Zangs, Ian SPED teacher CPHSZangs
Zweber, Christopher SPED teacher CPHSZweber