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History Day

**NOTE:  Before you print you must either:

1) Highlight what you want on the webpage, go to “File” and “Print,” click the circle next to “Selection,” then “Print.”  OR

2)  Copy and paste to a Word document (to find “Word,” go to “Start” and choose “Programs.”  “MS Office” is where “Word” can be found.)   Once you have the information copied and pasted to the Word Document, you can change the size of the font to a smaller size (On the Word Document go to "Edit" then "Select All."  Click the arrow next to the font size number at the top and change the number to 10 or 8 if you can read text that small.)  OR


3) If you are in a database (Gale, EBSCO, Salem Press, etc.) use the “printer friendly” icon and you don’t have to copy and paste.



History Day Websites:

National History Day Website 

2015 Theme Sheet 

2015 Sample Topic List

Important Elemants of Leadership & Legacy

Defining Leadership & Legacy


History Day - Minnesota Historical Society Website:



Minnesota Historical Society Research Guides

Minnesota History Topics


 Topic Ideas

Minnesota History Topics 

Chicago Metro History Education Center: 

History.Com: (scroll down page): 

2015 Como Sr. Pathfinder- Topics  

Minnesota Historical Society

Spartacus Educational:


National Archives: Search the Natioanal Archives for Primary Documents and articles related to your topic.

National Archives Digital Vault: 1200 documents, photographs and film clips

Docs Teach:  Primary Sources – U.S. National Archives:

Milestone Documents:  Primary  milestone government documents

Wilson Library at the  University of Minnesota:  Great place to research your topic on line

American Presidency Project: Comprehensive collection of primary documents related to the study of the presidency.

The Avalon Project: Documents in law, history and diplomacy ranging from 4000 BCE to the present.

Chronicling America: Library of Congress: Digital collection of historic newspapers from 23 states, from 1860-1922.

HarpWeek: Explore History: Harper's Weekly Collection of political cartoons dating from the 1860s.

The Living Room Candidate: Museum of the moving image. T.V. commercials for politicians, 1952-2008.

Open Collections Program: Harvard University Library. Extensive collections of primary sources in six catergories: Reading, Islamic Heritage Project, Expeditions and Discoveries, Contagion, Immigration to the U.S. 1789-1930, and Women Working 1800-1930.

ELM4You: Electronic Library for Minnesota. Online access to magazine, journal, newspaper, and encyclopedia articles, ebooks, and other information resources.

Spartacus Educational:


History Day Entry Guidelines:

How to Create an Entry: Whether you create a slideshow, a documentary, an exhibit, a wensite or a paper there are rules you must follow with each format! Look here to find the rules.


Lists of Famous Speeches and Debates:




Nobel Prize Winners:



List of Famous Diplomats:


 Further Research:

Como Reliable Online Resources:  Use the databases and other reliable websites on this webpage to continue your research.  



MLA Citation Guideline Sheets: